Repeal Of Basic Wildlife Protections Is Cowardly, Barbaric, And Anti-Science

The repeal of basic wildlife protections for predator species in Alaskan refuges is among the most cowardly pieces of legislation that’s metastasized its way through Congress this year. There is no justification for allowing hunters to use helicopters to chase and kill predators, or to legalize the killing of bear and wolf cubs while they are sleeping in their dens. Supporters mask this repeal as removing “government overreach” and minimizing predator species levels in order to maintain populations of popular prey species, like elk. However, as the slimmest scrutiny reveals, these levels were already being maintained naturally by a healthy predator-prey relationship. The bill is sponsored by a career politician in Alaska, who, since he received his BA in education in 1958, has apparently shamanistically gained more ecological expertise than the collective wisdom of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. So in addition to being barbaric, cowardly, and sycophantic to a moneyed lobby, this repeal is anti-science. That bears and wolves own an unspeakable majesty that is deserving, in the very least, of fair hunting rules, is an opinion of mine you don’t need to share to see the irrationality of this.


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