Railroad Haikus in America

Railroad Haikus in America

Coming into Pittsburgh

Candles in the night
The city is quiet now
Three rivers can sleep

Outside the Capitol Limited

The window is dark
White lamplit houses trackside
A fire kisses fog

A Prayer at 1 AM

Silence in a train car
Sleeping city flashing by
Thinking that I miss

A Trainstop in Western Illinois

Rain drips down the pane
Wet-moss bricks of Gatesburg
Save me from the plains

Seatmate of Mine

We are quiet both
For different reasons we
Understand silence

Under the Ohio River

The red-haired girl reads
Through the tunnel dark
I blow her a kiss

An A Capella Choir Visits Chicago’s Union Station

They sing about God
Echoes in the Great Hall
I cannot believe

The California Zephyr Underway

Fog over the farms
The sky is a gray blanket
That envelopes us

A Key Departure at Princeton

Her pink lips glitter
With a rain touched smile
The trees blink her out

Burlington, Iowa

Wasted lots, oil tankers
River murky green
A Ferris wheel goes round

Musings on the Border of Iowa

No one on this train
Will I ever see again
Do we die alone?

A Passing Sight

Nebraska sunshine
Comes through flowers in the trees
Golden wood by the barn

A Creston, Iowa of the Mind

Coal train in the night
Leo Tolstoy look-a-like
Who is more lonely?

Notes of a RestlessTraveler

Pushups in Denver
In the shadow of Coors Field
Touch of hot sidewalk

SLC Lightning Storm

Rail tracks dark beneath
The old highway bridge blackness
Lit filth one instant


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